Owner Builder Mortgage

You want to be the contractor of your dream home? We know exactly what you will be experiencing and want to help you through the entire process.

We are the innovators of the Owner Builder Mortgage solution.  With more than 40 years experience in advising, directing and situation solving we have developed a relationship with a majority of local home building vendors. 

Our experienced staff will be with you from start of construction to the end of your mortgage.

  • You Are Your Own Contractor
  • Twelve Months to Build
  • Approved construction bills and invoices paid weekly
  • Interest Only Payments During Construction
  • Free Inspections
  • Only One Loan Closing - Saves Time and Money
  • Lot/Acreage May be Financed
  • Lot and/or Labor-Equity Can be Used Toward Down Payment
  • Specializing in Log and Modular Home Construction