Lending Solutions


We offer long term lending commitments for the purpose of purchasing, renovating or refinancing commercial real estate. Commercial Construction Loans are also available to suit your building needs, including our Commercial “Owner Builder” Loan.

The general terms of our Commercial Mortgage Loans are as follows:

  • Maximum Loan Term of 15 years, depending on the Purpose
  • Maximum Loan to Value of 80%
  • Fixed and Variable Interest Rates are offered
  • During construction, Interest Only payments are available for up to 12 months on our Commercial Construction Loans
  • No pre-payment penalty feature


Term loans for a wide variety of borrowing needs, including the following:

  • Equipment Purchases
  • Business Vehicle Purchases
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Partner buy-outs
  • Permanent working capital

Interest Rates are generally fixed for term of the loan, with repayment based on a schedule of monthly principal and interest payments. The Term of the loan is generally tied to the purpose of the loan, with longer terms available for equipment purchases

Line of Credit

This type of financing provides a flexible source of funding to meet a variety of short term working capital needs. The Line of Credit is generally set-up on a two or three year term, with Interest Only payments billed on a monthly basis. Both Unsecured and Secured Lines of Credit are available, with Collateral ranging from Accounts Receivable and Inventory to Equipment or Real Estate.

Credit Cards

Provide a short term, non-revolving source of credit that is accepted by either VISA or MASTERCARD merchants worldwide. These cards are typically used to fund business travel and entertainment expenses as well as minor inventory and supply purchases. A monthly statement is provided for each card, detailing all transactions. Charleroi Federal Savings Bank business credit cards offer a competitive interest rate and no annual card fee.

Letters of Credit

We offer Irrevocable, Standby Letters of Credit for various business needs, including bonding requirements and merchant lottery accounts. Letters of Credit are generally issued for one year terms and are usually a Secured credit facility.