Cash Management


A straightforward business checking account, delivered to you in a professional and personal way.

Sole Proprietor accounts are eligible to be paid interest, while all other business accounts receive and benefit from our Earnings Credit feature.

The Earnings Credit is determined by your average collected balance and may reduce or offset any monthly transaction fees that may be assessed.

Sweep Investment

Put idle funds to good use with our Money Market Sweep Investment Account. This investment account allows you to automatically invest excess funds in your Business Checking Account into a Money Market Account, earning a competitive yield.

The process is all automated.... simply determine the level of daily liquidity required in your checking account and the excess is ''swept'' into the Investment Money Market Account. When funds are needed in the checking account to cover incoming checks, money is simply ''swept'' from the Money Market Account back into the Checking Account.

Some restrictions apply. Please inquire about Sweep Investment requirements.

Internet Banking

Obtain a higher level of Cash Management from the comfort of your own office with our Business Internet Banking product.

This internet based product is available to any type of business entity. Built in security features allow you to determine which employees have access and authorization to perform transactions.

Two levels of Business Internet Banking are available, just choose the one right for you....

Level 1
  • Current day transaction information on all CFSB accounts
  • Funds transfer between all CFSB accounts
  • Loan payment processing
  • Initiation of stop payments
  • Check inquiry information
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 60 days of historical transaction information
Level 2
  • All of the above features, plus:
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination, which provides you the ability to process payroll direct deposits as well as initiate vendor payments
  • Wire Transfer initiation

Wire Transfers / ACH Services

Offered through our Business Internet Banking product, Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination is at your fingertips with a click of the mouse.

From the convenience of your office, you can initiate ACH transactions such as direct deposit of payroll, insurance premiums, and dues collection to name a few. You can also create payments for local, state and federal taxes, as well as vendor payments.

Also offered through our Business Internet Banking product are Wire Transfer capabilities. You are able to send wire transfer instructions securely and efficiently from your place of business. A variety of reporting and inquiry features are also available to monitor all wire activity.

Merchant Services

Charleroi Federal Savings Bank has partnered with the largest credit card processor in the world to offer a competitive Merchant Services program.

Our Account Representative is able to meet with you at your place of business to perform a free account analysis and pricing quote.

We offer several different options for every business need, whether you transact a small or large number of credit / debit transactions or even if you need to process credit transactions over the Internet or by wireless.

If you are currently using a merchant service program, let us review your program and give you a free price quote!